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“This box is inspired by the 1935 Stout Scarab. The beetle-shaped features of that vehicle are mirrored in the box’s simplistic design.”
“These saw horses harken back to a different time, when people used them for work. My version takes on a modern flair with the choice of unique wood and simplistic design.”
“This table is designed much like my sculpture: modern and minimalistic. The wood is allowed to speak for itself in this heavily figured top and live edge.”
Each box is one-of-a-kind and without hardware of any type. The lids are secured with rare earth magnets, hidden from view. The bottom of each box has a removable panel for cleaning or hiding items.
“The Proto Cube Series utilizes scrap wood to form the shape of the cube, a five-way mitered box. Obsolete stock certificates that would have been sent to the dump in the 1960s create the exterior. Each handmade cube is unique and one of a kind. These numbered, limited edition structures are suitable as end tables, coffee tables, or assembled as a base for a glass top.”
The GF-16 Collector has two cantilevered drawers, a door, and two hidden compartments. An Olive Ash veneered rare earth magnet provides access to each. While not in use, the magnet is stored, flush, on the underside of the drawer. The “GF” in the title comes from a type of joint named after professional wood worker Gail Freedale. In this case, 16 such hand-cut joints hold the drawer carcass together. This unit primarily utilizes maple, but also conceals materials such as steel, sand, and masonite, which contibute to the uniqueness of the piece.
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